Planck moves from commissioning to PV phase


Latest news from ESA:

’24 July: The In-Orbit Commissioning Review finalised successfully on 21 July. We are now officially in Calibration and Performance Verification (CPV) Phase ! The activities planned in the CPV plan in fact started already in June, interleaved with commissioning activities. So far everything is behaving nominally, and the CPV activities are being carried out largely according to plan, which explains why there has been little to report in this page. A few anomalies in the first two weeks of July – all now under control – have induced some slip in the schedule. It is now expected to start the First Light Survey around the 8th of August. The First Light Survey is a two-week period which makes the transition from CPV Phase into Routine Phase. So routine surveying of the sky should start in the last week of August.’

This means the instruments are working properly, that we’ve moved into calibration observations and that, by the end of August, the all sky surveys should be underway.

This is a major and very positive step forward!


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