New Results: First All Sky Images from Planck!


ESA today released the first all sky images from Planck. The first all sky survey was completed a few months ago, but it’s taken some time to get things processed to the stage where we can release images. So here it is – Planck’s first view of the whole sky!

The image is dominated by the dust in our own galaxy, seen in blue, but in the top left and bottom right you can see a more mottled structure which is the cosmic microwave background. The next all sky survey, currently being observed, and a lot of processing are needed to remove the foreground galactic emission and the emission of intervening galaxies and galaxy clusters before we can get a clear picture of the microwave background. That’s the point at which we will be able to see the exciting new results on cosmology that will come from Planck.

There’s a lot more to come as well, as this image shows, with information on our own galaxy and others. This overlay shows some more information about what we’re seeing and highlights well known objects and parts of the sky, as well as images already released from Planck.

More coverage available from ESA and the BBC.


2 Responses to “New Results: First All Sky Images from Planck!”

  1. lcs Says:

    What are the implications of these results for the previously release CMB temperature fluctuation maps? This looks like a much more serious foreground contamination that I had previously assumed was subtracted or is there some foolproof Doppler analysis or something that removes it completely?

    • Dave Says:

      Planck’s actually working over a much wider range of frequencies and to much higher frequencies than previous CMB missions which means it can detect strongly and better remove the contamination from the bands dominated by the CMB. The Blue/white colouring you see in these images is that warmer foreground emission that has been largely unaccounted for in previous work.

      There’s a lot more for us on Planck to do to remove things like this but when we’ve done it the results will be much better than before.

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