Planck moving forward


It’s rather ironic that the massively successful press release of the Planck all-sky maps came out yesterday when many Planck scientists were in Paris at the ‘Core Team’ meeting. I would have been there myself, and would have missed the chance of appearing on the BBC, if I hadn’t had to be at Imperial for an examiners’ meeting.

Now I’m at the core team meeting, seeing the latest work on Planck. There’s a lot of work being done and a lot of good things coming. Yesterday’s images are just a start, but we have a huge amount of work to do before things are finished.


3 Responses to “Planck moving forward”

  1. Emanuel Says:

    Dave, do you know anything about the state of Cosmology@Home? This BOINC project was supposed to contribute to the analysis of Planck data, but after a bright start communications have completely failed, and we haven’t really heard anything for about a year. I have no idea if the data crunched there is even being used, and the project has some major issues with failing downloads (probably due to archaic server code and a lack of project management) and extremely high memory usage for WUs that has driven a lot of people off.

    • Dave Says:

      I’m afraid I don’t know anything about it, but will ask around.

      I certainly don’t recall it ever being mentioned in the context of Planck data analysis.

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