The City as Creative Energy


As part of the Beyond Entropy project I spent last Friday evening at the Architecture Association with Carlos Villanueva Brandt discussing the City as Creative Energy. You can now see the resulting video

Fellow Planck scientist Prof Andrew Jaffe will be at the AA this coming Friday discussing the subject of ‘Time Travel – Shamanism to the Space Age’. More details available here.


2 Responses to “The City as Creative Energy”

  1. xiaoming liu Says:

    Could anybody explain a bit to me why the imaging of universe is an ellipse rather a circular one.

    • Dave Says:

      Our view of the universe forms a sphere all around us – think of sitting at the centre of a sphere looking out in all directions – up, down, left, right. To get a full view of that sphere you need to see all of it, and that can’t be easily done with a circular image – it;’s just the same problem you have with looking at the spherical surface of a globe.

      There are a number of different ways of projecting that three dimensional sphere onto a two dimensional surface in just the same way that there are several different of displaying a map of the whole earth in two dimensions. The specific one that has become the standard for cosmology is one that takes the sphere and turns it into an elliptical shape. It’s a bit like taking an orange, slitting it down the back, and then squeezing the skin flat onto the page – and that produces an ellipse.

      Hope this helps!

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